Best micron for dry sift

Best micron for dry sift


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best micron for dry sift

We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. The dry sift technique uses screens with extremely fine mesh to hand-sift the dried flowers or trim, removing the resinous glands and refining the extract into a granular consistency.

High-quality dry sift is appreciated for its artisanal process and revered for its terpene profile, potency, and its ability to melt and vaporize completely. Derek Muller for Leafly. Wax off! Agitation and friction help separate the delicate trichome glands and stalks from the flower.

There is a variety of tips and tricks that can make the sifting process easier. The easiest is to use colder temperatures in the environment where the sifting takes place. Keeping it from becoming sticky and oily like it does in warmer climates helps to separate any impurities that find their way through the screens. Cold temperatures also help make the trichomes more brittle and allow them to break off from the plant much easier.

Dry sift is a versatile hash. Thanks to its powdery form, it can be used in a number of ways. When sift is at its best, you can press the powder into a mini slab and dab it just like most other extracts. The best part about dabbing dry sift is that its flavor is a proper and unadulterated representation of the strain it was sifted from.

This is my personal recommendation, but dry sift also makes an excellent addition to any joint or for topping a bowl to give it some extra kick. Sift can also be pressed, by hand or by machine, into a more traditional form of hash that is less temperature-sensitive but will affect the visual appeal of the granular trichome heads.

He's a cultivator and former budtender who loves complex hybrids with piney and gassy terpene profiles. Follow him on Instagram at the.

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Thanks for stopping by. Where are you from?There aren't too many sights and aromas in cannabis that compare to the tiny bubbles that form when dabbing full melt bubble hash.

We may not always take notice because we're smoking the delicious concentrates, but those tiny bubbles and specifically how nothing should be left when they're gone let you know that you're consuming the highest quality product around. Bubble hash represents some of the best in solventless cannabis today. That is why rosin pressers love using it for their extractions.

Looking at Kief aka Dry Sift 110 micron and 65 micron. BC Stealth Grow ep6.

However, not all strains are created equal. Not every strain can cut the mustard because how it was grown, the strength of the genetics, the intrinsic terpene profile, and more all play significant roles. Even when strains are capable of producing full melt, the chances of making elite bubble hash can leave even some of the top names in the game scratching their heads. That said, they and aspiring solventless extractors in companies and home operations alike push forward to reach the upper echelon in the category.

With the rapid expansion of cannabis offerings, hash producers and other businesses in the supply chain developed a system for rating products. However, joining the ranks of the best takes hard work and, most importantly, terrific starting material.

Thank your grower if she or he is killing it! However, these one and two-star hashes do work well for edibles - giving it the distinction "food grade hash. These days you don't see much if any 1 or 2 star on any shelves, anywhere. Known to many as "half melt", 3 and 4 star hash or kief does just that, it half melts. These can include tiny bits of leaf material and anything that isn't a full trichome head or stalk. Half melt adds potency to smoked flower products as a bowl topper but is more often than not pressed into rosin.

Half melt does works for dabbing as well, but it should usually be pressed into rosin for the best results. This is the best of the best. Many claims of 5 and 6 star are actually 3 or 4 star, in our experience. True, top tier bubble hash should leave you with a copious amount of cannabinoids with a robust terpene profile to boot. With such an enjoyable product and the market demand, producers have entered the space at a rising rate in recent years.

These grades of hash are typically only drawn from the 90 and 73 micron range, but can occur at as well in certain cases. Reaching a true 6-star caliber can be difficult, but with the right material and processes it becomes much more reliable.

Creating an elite full melt hash goes beyond the need for quality flower and know-how. Often, concentrates, oils, and bubble hash are emphatically referred to as "full spectrum". Full spectrum means that the product contains a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes, thus encouraging the entourage effect as well as providing a much higher quality product overall. Remember, oil always melts, but micro-encapsulated resin glands do not always melt. The melt factor is one of the main ways we decide what the quality of the resin actually is.

It will also pop up large clear domes. I would say 6 star is not only full melt but it's when you have a full melt, clear dome trichome head. In addition to bubble hash, a similar rating system for dry sift and kief has been informally created.Picking the right micron sized bag depends on many factors and several of them are down to personal preference. The input material flower, hash, kief, etc. After that, you need to weigh the importance of quality versus yield.

For each type of input material, there is a range of bag sizes that is ideal. More details on each one follow below, as well as the answers to some of the most common questions regarding rosin bags. Micron size refers to the size of the openings between the threads of the rosin bag.

Really small. For comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 75 microns on average but varies from 17u to u, depending on the person. Trichrome heads are the most cannabinoid-rich part of the cannabis plant and they are around microns in diameter.

How Bubble Hash is Rated (1* to 6*)

It makes sense, then, to use a micron size that will filter them out, so that their cannabinoids can be liquefied and extracted and the plant material left behind. Most find u to be the sweet spot where yield and quality reach the best balance. We agree with that. They say you can then re-press the extract through a 25u or 36u to remove any impurities and get super high quality rosin.

Just save your money and press without them. That neat little trick I just mentioned can be used anytime you want to increase the quality, by the way. You can always run any extract you get through another bag with a smaller size, to ensure top quality.

The recommended micron size for flower rosin is 36u or 45u. The ideal range lies between 25u and 90u. Kief is a much finer material, which means that the extract can flow out much more freely. For this reason, it is possible to us much smaller bag sizes and not sacrifice much yield.

Generally, we would recommend trying a 36u bag first. If you are unhappy with the yield, increase the size to see if yields improve and the loss of quality is still acceptable. Each strain will have a different ideal bag size.

The recommended micron size for flower rosin is 25u or 36u. Since the various types of hash are all pressed somewhat already, you can use even finer bags. Like with kief, we generally recommend starting with 36u and going up or down in size, depending on the result.

best micron for dry sift

If you are unsatisfied with the yield, go up in size. If you find the quality too low, go down in size. You rosin bags will be flat inside their packaging. To use one, you want to first turn it inside out, so that the seam is on the inside.

This prevents any oil from getting stick in the seam. Fill the bag with material, making sure it is filled evenly and all the way into the corners. Try not to leave any empty spaces where the extracted oils could get caught up and not make it out of the bag. Break down larger material to make sure it fills the bag more evenly. Be careful not to overfill the bag. You should be able to flatten the bag with the material in it.

If you can not, it is too full. An over-packed bag runs the risk of bursting.In this guide, we explain why screen size is important and how to select the rosin bag micron size that will work best for you. And, bonus! Budsmith, an award-winning rosin producer from Humboldt County, stops by to drop some knowledge too.

Tips N Tricks

Kief and bubble hash press differently than flower, and their qualities change how rosin flows through the mesh of the bag. A finer screen helps keep dusty particulate in the bag too.

A micron bag is an acceptable choice for kief and bubble hash too. Since flower rosin has to extrude through all the nooks and crannies of the bud—and because there can be other, larger particulate in there too—it has a little more work to do to get through the screen. For ultra-quality flower rosin, try a micron bag. Yes, but not as much as you might think. Bud Smith totally his God-given, family name explains that tightening your screen size will indeed cut your yield a little bit, but the quality tradeoff makes it worth it.

Christmas cookies? Not everyone is as quality-focused as Bud, so some prefer a micron, micron, or micron bag for mass production. But in the rosin industry, screens looser than micron are seldom seen. This is because trichrome heads themselves—the most cannabinoid-rich part of the plant—are microns in diameter or a little smaller. Even though the trichromes melt, this is still an obvious choice for the upper size limit on rosin bags.

Flower rosin pressed without a screen is one step in the direction of traditional smoking and one step away from the candy-sweet experience of dabbing. Nylon is the best material for rosin bags. Metal screens mar the surface of the platens when under high pressure. Professional pressers like Budsmith frown on the reuse of bags.

Can you reuse them? Most blowouts occur when the technician overfills the bag. For our 9-by Attempting to process any quicker than one ounce per bag risks breakage. Bud makes an additional caution to those pressing hash or kief: go slow. Flower is more spongy. There are a thousand millimeters in a meter, so, long story short, a micron is really small. Human hairs are about microns across. Mesh size is more like the thread count density of the sheets on your bed. Micron sizing refers to the size of the holes between the threads.

Dry Sieve Marijuana: What is it?

Mesh size is how many gaps there are per linear inch. But measuring in microns cuts right to the chase and indicates how big those holes are— without having to think about them in terms of per inch.

Stick with word of mouth. Choosing a rosin press bag is simple… or is it? What screen size should you use for kief?The sturdy boxes are imported from Switzerland, based on a frame design, manufactured from molded, food grade Polypropylene that is heat and cold resistant for long-lasting strength and durability.

All machines have a 1-year warranty, are easy to clean and feature fully accessible parts for effortless maintenance and repair. The smallest of the PollenMaster family. The Pollen Master is able to process g at a time. The entire process takes only 15 minutes! The Pollen Master is shipped with a micron regular screen.

The second in the PollenMaster family. The Pollen Master is shipped with a standard mc screen. The Pollen Master processes 1. The lidded box is heat and cold resistant and manufactured specifically for the food industry.

A powerhouse that will improve your production dramatically, there is nothing quite like the Pollen Master It is shipped with a standard mc screen. Email Address. PollenMasters is an American-made electric motor powered dry-sift tumbler designed for collecting botanical flower essences. Available in 4 convenient sizes: gram, gram, gram and the massive new gram model. Pollen Master The smallest of the PollenMasters family.

Pollen Master The second in the Pollen Master family. Pollen Master The Pollen Master processes 1. Pollen Master The Pollen Master can process 10lbs of plant material at one time.

Pollen Master What is Dry Sift? Dry sift or kief is the result of mechanically removing the resin glands from the plant by sieving them with screens of different sizes, without any kind of solvent. Dry Ice or Frozen Material?

Freeze your material!! With dry ice you are adding a solvent to your material. We recommend you freeze material, overnight if possible, which will make tricomes harden and greatly improve your yield.

We also recommend shorter run times in a cool room, to prevent condensation.

best micron for dry sift

This is dependent on your personal preference and intended use of the sift. The Pollen Masters come standard with Micron Screen, this is the ideal screen for achieving a balance of quality and quantity of Dry Sift and if you are looking for a higher quality, we offer the finer Micron Screen. If your goal is a higher yield, we offer our Micron Screen. Can I make Rosin from Dry-Sift? Dry-Sift Rosin its a great way to make a dabbable concentrate, free from solvents.

Many customers will purchase a tumbler and a press and use it to process all their trim into rosin. How long should I run my PollenMaster? We recommend running the Pollen Master in 15 minutes intervals. After that you can run the machine for another 30 minutes or as long as your prefer. This is your Grade-C Dry Sift, but you may run the risk of getting some plant material in your drysift. What can I do with Dry-Sift? You can sell it, smoke it, pair it with flower, or use it to make edibles, hash or rosin.

Can I choose multiple mcron screen sizes?By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. Part 1 is sponsored by The Original Resinatorthe largest capacity multi-use botanical extraction unit on the market, and Support the Roots, makers of the Sasquash Rosin Press.

For many cannabis users, concentrates like budder and shatter are a delicacy—something to be enjoyed on special occasions, and savored like a good meal. A batch of dry sift kief from a Resinator. Courtesy of The Original Resinator. Sub-zero temperatures are great for any extraction, but especially helpful for extracting from live or uncured cannabis, where CBD and THC-A are at their highest levels.

Frozen trichomes instantly fracture and then fall through the micron screen, so that you get the good stuff and leave the rest behind. The Original Resinator can extract both of these concentrates from up to 15 pounds of flower or sugarleaf in as little as 20 minutes from setup to teardown, without using any harsh chemical solvents—just the power of physics.

Like turning coal into diamonds, the right amount of heat and pressure applied with a rosin press can bring out the best in these concentrates—literally. Under pressure, live resin gets transformed into concentrate. Courtesy of Support the Roots. Fabricated in California, these presses use precision-machined steel plates to apply heat and pressure—up to 20, pounds of it—to material, squeezing the good stuff out of flower, kief, and hash alike.

They also come in a variety of sizes suitable to a wide variety of applications. What kind of extract you end up with depends on how you treat your hash or sift during a press. Low temperature presses will take longer to melt the trichomes, resulting in an extract like budder or crumble. Higher temperature operations melt material more quickly, producing more stable extracts like shatter.

And keep in mind—temperatures are all relative, and materials like sift and hash should be pressed at lower temperatures than flower, between and degrees Fahrenheit. Post-press extract from a Sasquash Rosin Press. Nothing can spoil a batch of budder or shatter faster than exploding a bag into it. Close search Search Leafly. Welcome to Leafly. Thanks for stopping by.

Where are you from? United States Canada.Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions remain my own. The problem is, a lot of our precious kief is wasted and lost during the process of grinding your bud.

Enter kief boxes—a better way to gather and save kief. Today, I'll show you how to choose the best kief box for cannabis, how to use one to get more out of your weed and reviews on the top kief boxes out there!

You may not notice the difference by just looking at it, but it will become apparent when you take a puff—just, damn. Although kief boxes can be made at home, most people choose to skip the hassle and simply pay for one that is already made. Professionally designed devices are also more likely to have extra features that will improve your experience. If you can afford it, you should go for a box that uses strong magnets for the lid and bottom since these hold the stash a lot more securely.

Shaking the box will get the crystals of the herb through the screen, and in the lower compartment of the box. Some manufacturers have designed the lower compartment with reflective glass that can help you collect the kief easily. As most smokers already know, grinders are meant to crush everything in your stash equally, regardless of what part it's from. The stem, leaves and bud will all be crushed so that you can roll it into a nice joint. On the other hand, the kief box is only supposed to sift the smallest and purest part of the stash, and this will deliver the best kind of high.

Using a grinder is more complicated since you have to crush your bud to get kief, plus you'll end up with unwanted plant matter in the kief chamber of a grinder. If you want a more in-depth view into grinders, you can read more here. The screens of your kief box will also get clogged with wet marijuana herbs and will not be able to sift the crystals well. Also, drying your herbs will help to break down chlorophyll and improves the taste of your weed.

These bags such the moisture out of the herbs, and you should have a perfectly dried stash after a few hours. The sizes vary, and people have different preferences—is it going to stay at the house or travel with you in your pocket? At this size, the box would be ideal for a traveler but might be an inconvenience for people who need it for regular use.

This kief box is also made of wood and has a well-designed screen to sift the pollen from marijuana leaves. You will not need to make a separate purchase of a rolling tray since one is already incorporated in the device. The magnets used to secure the product are very strong, and this means no dirt can get into the device when it is closed. The bottom section of the product is made of reflective glass, and this will help you collect the pollen even faster.

The RYOT customer service is quite helpful and will see you through any issue you may have with your purchase. This material is better than other woods since it's durable, lightweight and can last for a much longer time.

best micron for dry sift

The bottom part of the box is made of tempered glass, and this is meant to ease collection of pollen. The top and bottom sections of the box are removable and have strong magnets to hold them securely. There are lots of kief boxes on the market today, and you can easily find one which suits you perfectly.

These are by no means the rules to rosin. These are just rough starting points. Adjust these as necessary, play with variables, and use our free Lowtemp Labs app to dial in the variables! Note, that if you are not using a high pressure system, these temperatures will be quite a bit higher.

What Is Dry Sift Hash?

The two mechanics in rosin are heat and pressure. So without optimal pressure, you will need higher temperatures. Sifts require much less pressure than flower, but at higher pressures and lower temperatures, sift rosin can come out a very beautiful budder right off the press. The cleaner a dry sift or bubble hash are, the lower temperature you can press them at. Techniques and equipment can only do so much, starting material is KEY!

Fresher material tends to be lighter in color. Less mature trichomes will be lighter in color. Strains and a number of other factors can play a role in color as well. Typically, at lower temperatures, you will have to hold the press for longer periods. What seems to work for us is to wrap the material in parchment like a double sided open burrito.

You want your oil to escape the heat as quickly as possible and escape through as little plant material as possible. We get asked a lot if I press flowers in filter bags. For over a year, we thought it was a waste. Until we found our stitchless pouches. Due to the seamless edges, there is a significantly reduced amount of material and stitching for the oil to get caught in. Moisture plays a big role in flowers.Classifieds New classifieds.

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Usually the biggest yield too. Bubbles but then burns. Usually so-so quality. Under a microscope you can see that the 25 and the usually have few, if any trich heads.

25 micron 45 micron 90 micron dry ice extraction to make Hash

The 90 and the 73 always collect the most and are the purest. The 45 starts to get some some crap it in but is still OK. Speakin 4 myself Friends there are so many varibles with a good "Pull". But in my humble opinion Results vary depending on Strains used.

Sativas Long slim trichs Indy's Short Stalky Outdoor Larger and little less amounts Indoor Somewhat smaller more dense amounts fine tune screens to strain Has anyone done a Cold multi screen dry sift? Hrpuffnstuff said:.

From Dry Sift to Pure Rosin in One Squash

Has anyone done a Cold multi screen dry sift? GREAT thread by the way. Should also mention that I run a iceolator machine, I refilter for the second run, and then run the machine twice, draining between then do one huge double bag pull to finish it off Should probably mention that I'm only using Sour Diesel trimmings.

Fuzzdog said:. Run for The Roses!!!!! So far Waiting your melt'shots CAPO! I went and bought some knock off bags from e-bay. I don't even think the micron ratings are right. Be lookin' for some smoke reports of mine coming in April though homie Perhaps I'll bite the bullet and get some quality bags and do some proper fresh runs for ya. BTW thanks for the full melt porn, it made this thread worth viewing.

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No way Im going to separate all my glands through ten different screen sizes. Looking for the best sizes for dry sift. I was thinking micron for separation and a 70 for refining. What are some views on this.

Dry sift XP an asset. I built a hash machine using a drum humidifier and I used 90 micron silk screen I believe! It makes great black gooey hash after two days of tumbling. I have not tried yet but going to let it run in the freezer the next time. MnH Well-Known Member. Check out my thread down a ways. You only need 2 screens. Depends on the method you want to use as well. You will NOT regret the ease and lack of mess this method provides.

It's the ticket. Dry ice will wok, but it'll also give you a boat load of contaminant. Depends on whether or not you want head stash or yield I suppose? MnH said:. WarMachine Well-Known Member. Dry ice makes the material so cold and brittle that they break and go threw the bag. If you look under a microscope you notice a lot of plant matter, not just the head of the gland. With dry sifting and bubble all you want is the head of the trich. Yeah WarMachine nailed it.Dry sieve, also known as dry sift or kiefis a type of hash which is prized for both its potency and its flavor profile.

Dry sieve also happens to be one of the simplest methods of hash making, meaning that professionals and novices alike can get stuck in and have a go. If you feel like trying your hand at making your own hash, dry sieve is a great place to start. And to make things even more straightforward, we have put together this detailed guide to help you on your way. Dry sieve is aptly named, since it is made by rubbing dry marijuana through a fine mesh screen which is similar to a sieve. This process causes friction which separates the precious trichome heads from your plant material.

Trichomes are the tiny, white glands which give high-quality bud its frosty coating. They also contain the highest levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

best micron for dry sift

Because dry sieve removes excess plant matter and leaves you with only trichomes, this form of hash has a soft, powdery consistency and is loaded with all the good stuff. It is arguably the purest and one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis, since dry sift has a much higher THC content than regular weed.

Dry sieve also has a coveted flavor profile since it undergoes minimal processing, keeping more aromatic terpenes intact than other methods of making hash. Depending on which strain you choose to make your dry sieve with, you should end up with a product that is rich in cannabinoids and a has a subtle yet complex taste.

The Best Kief Box: How to Get More Kief, Faster

Moreover, the flavor will be unadulterated by solvents and other contaminants. First, set up your dry sieve screens. These screens comprise a solid frame with a fine mesh base, and they stack neatly on top of one another. Each screen has tiny holes of varying diameters, which are measured in microns. The higher the micron number, the larger the hole, so a micron screen has larger holes than a micron screen and so on.

The exact micron count of your screens will depend on which brand you choose. Stack your screens so that the one with the finest mesh lowest micron count is on the bottom, followed by the next finest, and so on.

You should end up with your highest micron screen on top of the stack, and this is known as your work screen. Place your buds or trim on the work screen and put your gloves on to avoid getting your hands covered in sticky resin. You might want to break any large buds up into smaller pieces to make them more manageable. Gently rub your herb back and forth across the screen for several minutes.

Once you have finished, lift off the top screen. You should see a generous layer of powdery kief on the next screen down. You could use this as it is, but this grade of dry sieve is still likely to be mixed with small particles of plant material or other contaminants.

So, to get an even higher-quality hash, you need to keep sieving! Use your plastic card to rub the powder back and forth across the screen for a few minutes.

This time the sift will be purer and of better quality. Keep repeating the process with each screen. By the time you reach the bottom screen of your stack, you will have a product that consists of pure trichomes and will be very potent. Scrape the powder from each screen into clean jars for storage.

You can keep the different grades of sift from each screen separate or mix them together if you prefer. Although, if you combine the different grades your dry sieve will not be as pure, you might find that you get a wider variety of terpenesgiving your hash a better depth of flavor.Skip to main content Dry Sift Screen.

In Stock. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of dry sift product I collected after trimming grams. Add to cart. Currently unavailable. These screens work wonders, saved pollen that I otherwise would have deemed edible material. Also the quality of the screens and frames are on point. See All Buying Options. Great product.

If using for cannabis, the kief that collects in the bottom sells in my area for around the same price as gold. Thats right, you basically are collecting gold dust in the bottom of this. If you are stupid enough to throw away gold dust, dont buy this product. So far I have only used the screen and made some sift to press into Rosin. I am very pleased with this set. It's pretty small so I would recommend this for a personal medicinal cannabis sift setup. The price is on point too.

Sherer Denver, CO. I spent an entire day searching the city of Denver for a couple of 10x14 screen printing frames to no avail. Then I felt a little dumb when I finally checked Amazon and found them available on Prime at a great price.

Professional screen printers love to make fun of Speedball and tell you about the benefits of professionally stretched aluminum frames, but if you're an indie artist type like me who isn't printing in high volume, these wooden frames can actually be better than the "proper" ones.

For most tank top and tshirt designs, 10x14 is all you need, and it's nice not to have to maneuver a 20x24 frame that's mostly empty. Plus, it's much easier to store smaller frames safely. Just buy a few yards of screen printing mesh, and you'll be set for life. Sure, the tension won't be I like the new improvements. The motor is more powerful, and the switch to more traditional style over-hang bags is superior to the previous Velcro strap design. I would recommend dry ice pellets over large chunks of dry ice to achieve greater surface area.

Used as a secondary process trichome sifter after first running raw material through a pollen tumbler. Haven't had the chance yet to use as the primary process extractor. So far this product works well, and especially well if you use in combination with dry ice. The six packs of screens they offer is a good price. The 's I order for underbase worked great. I have cleaned the emulsion and used the screens multiple times.

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While we were in Iceland, Larus took the time to phone us, our hotel and email us that a storm was on the way during part of our tour.

best micron for dry sift

He easily modified our hotel plans and made terrific recommendations that kept us safe and still exploring. Without his help, our day would likely have been fairly miserable. I cannot imagine trying to plan and navigate Iceland without the superb customer service that Larus and Nordic Visitor provided to us. We have traveled the world, and we can recommend Nordic Visitor with top marks for their services.

We are already planning to return to Iceland, and we will absolutely be using Larus and Nordic Visitor to plan a perfect trip again. We are very pleased with our tour guide, Trausti. He is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and accomodating.

best micron for dry sift

We are also, very happy that we were able to take this tour and thank Nordic Visitor for being accomodating as well. My sister and her husband are planning to visit Iceland next year and they will be booking with you. Trip was really well organised. Solveig was so helpful and arranged everything so I could just enjoy being on holiday with my sons. And the weather was amazing too which helped.

I was extremely happy with the entire experience. Since returning home I've already posted a review on your Facebook page and also comments on TripAdvisor. The tour was very well organised. We didn't have any problems with any aspect of the booking of the trip.

The Best Micron for Rosin? 36, 72, 90 or 115?

Contact from Nordic Visitor employees was polite, helpful and responses were sent quickly. We'll definitely return to Iceland and would use Nordic Visitor again. Really excellent holiday, thank you. We only booked a few days in advance and received excellent speedy service.

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I booked a four day, three night Northern Lights, Super Jeep Safari for myself and my son which we took in early February. We chose Quality over Comfort for our hotel and were not disappointed as Hotel Borg was just superb as well as being centrally situated and therefore everything was on our doorstep in downtown Reykjavik.

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To be able to match the returned predictions with your input instances, you must have instance keys defined. An instance key is a value that every instance has that is unique among the instances in a set of data. The simplest key is an index number.

You should pass the keys through your graph unaltered in your training application. If your data doesn't already have instance keys, you can add them as part of your data preprocessing. As new versions of Cloud ML Engine are released, it is possible that models developed against older versions will become obsolete.

This is particularly pertinent if you arrive at an effective model version that remains unchanged for a long period. You should review the Cloud ML Engine versioning policy and make sure that you understand the Cloud ML Engine runtime version that you use to train your model versions. You can specify a supported Cloud ML Engine runtime version when you create a model version. Doing so establishes the model version's default setting. If you don't specify one explicitly, Cloud ML Engine creates your version using the current default runtime version (typically the most recent stable version).

You can specify a runtime version to use when you start a batch prediction job. This is to accommodate getting predictions using a model that is not deployed on Cloud ML Engine. You should never use a different runtime version than the default for a deployed model. Doing so is likely to cause unexpected errors. You cannot request online predictions from models outside of Cloud ML Engine, so there is no option to override the default runtime version in your request.

The default runtime version set for a model version cannot be changed. To specify a different runtime version for a model version, deploy a new version using the same training artifacts that you used initially. Google Cloud Platform uses zones and regions to define the geographic locations of physical computing resources. Cloud ML Engine uses regions to designate its processing.

When you deploy a model for prediction, you specify the default region that you want prediction to run in. When you start a batch prediction job, you can specify a region to run the job in, overriding the default region. Online predictions are always served from the region set when the model was created. Batch prediction generates job logs that you can view on Stackdriver Logging. You can also get logs for online prediction requests if you configure your model to generate them when you create it.

You can set online prediction logging for a model by setting onlinePredictionLogging to true (True in Python) in the Model resource you use when creating your model with projects. If you use the gcloud command-line tool to create your model, include the --enable-logging flag when you run gcloud ml-engine models create. You can request batch prediction using a model that you haven't deployed to the Cloud ML Engine service.

Instead of specifying a model or version name, you can use the URI of a Google Cloud Storage location where the model you want to run is stored. Because an undeployed model doesn't have an established default runtime version, you should explicitly set it in your job request. If you don't, Cloud ML Engine will use the latest stable runtime version. In all other ways, a batch prediction job using an undeployed model behaves as any other batch job.

You can use the Cloud ML Engine prediction service to host your models that are in production, but you can also use it to test your models. Traditionally, model testing is the step before preparing to deploy a machine learning solution. The purpose of a test pass is to test your model in an environment that's as close to the way that it will be used in real-world situations.

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